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Cameron McClelland

fRI Research
Job Title
Wildlife Biologist


Cam grew up in Hinton, Alberta and graduated in 2013 with a BSc in Environmental Earth Sciences from the University of Alberta. He worked for five seasons with the Grizzly Bear Program before completing his Master's at UBC. This was done at the International Remote Sensing Studio under Nicholas Coops in the Faculty of Forestry in March 2020, studying vegetation trends and how they affect grizzly bear food availability and grizzly bear habitat selection.

Program & Project Involvement

Grizzly Bear Program

Grizzly Bear Program

The fRI Research Grizzly Bear Program provides knowledge and planning tools to ensure the long-term conservation of grizzly bears in Alberta.

Yellowhead (BMA 3) Grizzly Bear Population Inventory

Yellowhead (BMA 3) Grizzly Bear Population Inventory

This project uses DNA from hair snags to create a population inventory of grizzly bears in BMA 3 and Jasper National Park.

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