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Since fRI Research began in 1992, the GIS Program has provided a core service. Our team works closely with many of the researchers, developing the best tools and methods to advance their research.

The GIS Program transforms peer-reviewed science into tools, datasets, and visualizations. Using a combination of ArcGIS products, SQL, python and R, we developed and delivered a variety of mapping and analysis tools to fRI Research partners. The GIS Program also helps to collect, manage, and process data. We design databases and workflows to help the organization’s researchers streamline their analyses, so that they can continue to focus on their core interests while letting the GIS Program do the heavy lifting.


  • Customizations: Creating useful and relevant GIS tools and scripts to streamline internal workflows.
  • Tool development: Developing and maintaining tools that can be put in the hands of our partners.
  • Online mapping and web tools: Showcasing research and tools in interactive ways.
  • Knowledge transfer: Writing blogs or giving workshops on some of the tools and customizations created by the GIS Program.


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