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The Water Program began in 2012. The program provides credible knowledge and innovation to the fRI partnership to improve the sustainable management of Alberta’s land, water and resources. We conduct internationally relevant and interdisciplinary watershed process science, and develop and test management tools required to apply scientific knowledge to local management challenges.

The Water Program's vision will be achieved with seven goals:

  1. Innovation: Provide and maintain valued products for partners.
  2. Improvement: Use knowledge and innovation to improve the management of Alberta’s land, water and resources.
  3. Capacity: Sustainable and adaptable team of staff and associates needed to develop and deliver products.
  4. Partnerships: Build on strengths of institutions to achieve mutual outcomes.
  5. Extension: Understand needs and effectively transfer knowledge and products to partners and external audiences.
  6. Coordination: Provide unique and innovative solutions to assist with the coordination of provincial watershed research and preserve value of data and knowledge.
  7. Sustainable: The Water Program has resources and adaptability to be sustainable.

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