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Business Strategy 2012 - 2017

fRI Research has a Business Strategy that guides business practices and provides direction. The current business strategy is in effect from 2012 to 2017.

This fifth 5-year business strategy has nine goals:

  1. Partnerships: Nurture and expand partnerships.
  2. Geographic Scope: Expand the geographic scope to encompass Partner interests as appropriate for each Program.
  3. Business Portfolio: Review and expand the business portfolio scope and integration based on partner priorities.
  4. Science Excellence: Ensure research is non-partisan and meets high standards for quality, relevance, and recognition.
  5. Knowledge Transfer: Facilitate the adoption of fRI Research knowledge, tools and technology into land and resource management practice.
  6. Partner Outreach and Support: Contribute to the success of  Partners.
  7. Land and Resource Management: Contribute to improved land and resource management in Alberta and beyond.
  8. Reporting: Report to  Partners and audiences on achievements and progress.
  9. Resources: Expand resources and investment.

This business strategy requires firm commitment and participation from Partners and the public to meet fRI Research goals and objectives.

Read the full business strategy.

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