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Caribou Program Research Area: Health and Predation

Caribou remains

Key to conserving caribou herds in Alberta is understanding the relative risks of factors such as different predators, disease, stress from anthropogenic disturbance, lack of high quality habitat, and other environmental hazards.

Assessing disease prevalence and caribou health in west-central and north-western Alberta

Status: Active

This project uses GPS from collared caribou to track locations of caribou mortalities. We visit those sites in hours or days of the mortality event to collect samples and determine the causes of death.

Assessing Pathogen Prevalence and the Health of Ungulates in West-central Alberta Caribou Ranges

Status: Active

This project will gather data on the disease and parasites carried by moose, deer, and elk to determine the risk of transmission to caribou.

Determining the importance of grizzly bear predation on southern mountain caribou populations

Status: Completed winter 2016

This project looks at the impact of grizzly bears on caribou populations in west-central Alberta, and to also develop new techniques to measure and monitor bear predation levels on caribou populations.


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