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Water Program People

Interested in being part of the team?

We are always interested in exploring opportunities with motivated candidates interested in watershed processes, forest engineering, planning or watershed management.  There are lots of PhD and MSc opportunities with partner projects in watershed process science, erosion and sedimentation, forest vegetation, etc

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Current Members:



Axel Anderson, P.Eng., RFP.

Water Program Lead, Foothills Research Institute (secondment)
Adjunct Professor, University of Alberta
Forest Hydrology Specialist, Government of Alberta



Faye Hirshfield

Watershed Scientist
Post Doc


Bryan Maitland

MSc Candidate (co-supervised with Poesch)
[profile to be added]


Ryan MacDonald

Watershed Scientist
Post Doc


Sheena Spencer

PhD Candidate (co-supervised with Silins)
[profile to be added]


Mike Wagner, RFP

Forest Hydrologist
Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
South Saskatchewan Region
[profile to be added]


Former Members:



Mike Allchin

Now: PhD Student at University of Northern British Columbia
[profile to be added]


Vinod Mahat

Now: Colorado State
[profile to be added]


Rich McCleary

Now: Government of British Columbia
[profile to be added]


Shireen Ouellet

Now: Teck Coal Limited
[profile to be added]



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