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Related projects

Analysis and improvement of linear features to increase caribou functional habitat in west-central and north-western Alberta

This project uses direct and indirect methods to determine how caribou respond to linear features at different stages of re-vegetation.

Analysis and restoration of seismic cutlines in Southern Mountain and Boreal caribou range in west-central Alberta

Caribou Program project starting in 2013 looking at caribou and wolves related to cutlines

Assessing Community Resilience to Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks in Alberta

A collaboration between the Mountain Pine Beetle Ecology Program and the University of British Columbia.

Assessing disease prevalence and caribou health in west-central and north-western Alberta

This project uses GPS from collared caribou to track locations of caribou mortalities. Results may be used to guide science-based restoration of caribou functional habitat across herd ranges.

Assessing the effectiveness of Alberta's forest management strategies against the mountain pine beetle

Evaluate how different management strategies meet management goals. This informs management and helps prioritize objectives.