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Climate Change

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Launching LandWeb

A suite of models and a breakthrough platform that integrates many scientific fields will solve some of the hard, multi-way interactions of landscape ecology.
  • Oct. 22, 2018
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Photo Gallery | 2018 EBM Workshop

Pictures of the workshop "From Concept to Reality: Creating a Roadmap for Ecosystem-Based Management in Alberta" in Edmonton in June 2018, hosted by the Healthy Landscapes Program.
  • Jul. 6, 2018
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Tri-creeks revisited

GIS program working on a project with the Water Program around the tri-creeks study area
  • Feb. 20, 2015
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Climate change has silver lining for grizzly bears

Researchers from the University of Alberta, in partnership with the Foothills Research Institute, have published results from a ten-year study of grizzly bears in Alberta's rocky mountains.
  • Oct. 28, 2013
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Burning Issues in Alberta's Forests proceedings online

On July 10 & 11, 2013, researchers from the Healthy Landscapes Program's fire history research team gathered together in Hinton to present details of their ongoing research, and to conduct a field tour of significant sites. We have captured the information in short videos, full-length videos (to come), photos and documents.
  • Jul. 24, 2013
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