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Land and Human Use

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A Hard Road to Travel: Land, Forests and People in the Upper Athabasca Region

People have co-existed with the land in the upper Athabasca for the last 10,000 years. The authors trace the changing relationships between people and forests as humans first travelled through the area, then stayed to struggle, survive, and eventually flourish—first despite the forest, then in

A Logging History of the Whirlpool Valley, Jasper National Park

By 1911 the railroad had arrived in Jasper, and railway ties became a critical need. At the time, logging was allowed in the park. The Whirlpool Valley was chosen and logged throughout the 1920s.Dr. Peter Murphy’s study focuses on the railway tie logging of the 1920s but includes the river&rsq

Assessing Community Resilience to Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks in Alberta

A collaboration between the Mountain Pine Beetle Ecology Program and the University of British Columbia.

Assessing the effectiveness of Alberta's forest management strategies against the mountain pine beetle

Evaluate how different management strategies meet management goals. This informs management and helps prioritize objectives.

Beyond Beetle: Natural and facilitated lodgepole pine regeneration after mountain pine beetle outbreaks in Alberta

Alberta is facing a future in which large tracks of lodgepole pine forest have died as a result of attack by Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB). Not all stands attacked by MPB will be salvage harvested; thus we need to understand whether and which tree species will regenerate in untreated post-attack stands