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Landscapes and Ecosystems

Related projects

Cold tolerance of mountain pine beetle: Impact on population dynamics and spread in Canada

This study examines how instar mortality varies with the severity and duration of cold exposure. This data will improve predictions of MPB population trends and sites at risk of infestation.

Comparing Cultural to Natural Disturbance Patterns

This research project from the Healthy Landscapes Program measures the differences between natural and industrial disturbance patterns.

Comparison of understory burning and mechanical site preparation to regenerate lodgepole pine stands killed by MPB

Controlled burns may be an inexpensive way to regenerate and decrease flammability in lodgepole pine stands killed by mountain pine beetle (MPB).The project will determine the usefulness of burning to prepare for pine regeneration. This project has the potential to improve pine regeneration aft

Disturbance in Riparian Zones

This project looks at the patterns and roles of disturbances in riparian zones.

Effects of Mountain Pine Beetle Attack on hydrology and post-attack vegetation and hydrology recovery in lodgepole pine forests in Alberta

This project will describe how mountain pine beetle attack drives changes in hydrology and vegetation. The project will provide necessary data for moutnain pine beetle decision support tools.