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Save the Date: 2020 MPB Research Forum

Announcing the 2020 MPB Research Forum

April 22, 23 at the Coast Edmonton Plaza

Soon after its inception in 2007, the Mountain Pine Beetle Ecology Program was endorsed to act as "Science Information Forum." The Program's purpose is to facilitate knowledge transfer and collaboration amongst researchers and managers, and to identify research needs, and to inform the public about MPB research and its application to manage its impact to Alberta's pine forests. With the engagement of many universities, government and independent scientists, 33 research projects were supported that covered a wide range of priority information needs. Four Research Themes guided the selection of research, including beetle biology and management, hydrological impacts, landscape and stand dynamics, and social and economic implications of a changing landscape. It is now time to look back on completed research, consider its impact on operations and policy development to management and control the spread of the beetle in Alberta. By attending this Research Forum, you will gain an appreciation of the science that has guided decision making for the management and control of the MPB in Alberta. We will also provide opportunities to engage in discussions aimed at identifying outstanding information needs.

More informaton will be posted as the agenda and registration details are finalized.


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