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Where we're headed

The fRI Research Grizzly Bear Program will pursue two primary objectives:

  • Provide habitat maps, probability of grizzly bear occurrence maps (RSF), and bear travel corridor maps for all grizzly bear population units in Alberta.
  • Pursue our understanding of grizzly bear health, specifically body condition and reproductive health parameters, as these relate to landscape and environmental parameters.

We are just beginning to understand the relationship between environmental/landscape conditions and grizzly bear numbers and population health. In fact we still cannot answer the question as to how far we can modify and utilize grizzly bear habitat and still maintain healthy grizzly bear populations. Our research team is now pursuing this line of inquiry as we move along the eastern slopes of Alberta, sampling grizzly bear populations in various natural sub-regions within a diversity of landscape conditions and levels of human use.

If we are able to answer these questions and understand the relationships between landscape change and grizzly bear health we can provide land and resource managers with knowledge vital to sustainable resource development issues.

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