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Siobhan Darlington

fRI Research
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Research Assistant
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Though she grew up near the ocean in Halifax Nova Scotia, Siobhan has always had an interest in the terrestrial world. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biology and Sustainability at Dalhousie University in 2014 and modeled Eastern Wood-Pewee habitat selection in protected areas for her honours thesis. She then worked for the Nature Conservancy of Canada in New Brunswick before moving across the country to attend the University of Victoria where she recently obtained her Master’s Degree focusing on white-tailed deer habitat selection and movement in Northeastern Alberta. Over the past four years Siobhan has worked on numerous field projects for species at-risk including snakes, turtles, birds, deer, and carnivores across six Canadian provinces. She is excited to contribute to the fRI Research Caribou Program by modeling caribou and grizzly bear response to mountain pine beetle infestation and deer capture this winter. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and traveling for birding and wildlife photography with her partner Dave.

Program & Project Involvement

Caribou Program

Caribou Program

The fRI Research Caribou Program carries out applied research, in partnership with industry and the Government of Alberta, to help maintain caribou herds in Alberta into the future.

Caribou Conservation through Better Cutblock Design

Caribou Conservation through Better Cutblock Design

Beginning in 2018, this project will investigate how cutblock design can be less favourable for deer, moose, and elk.

Caribou and Grizzly Bear Response to Pine Forests Killed by  Mountain Pine Beetle

Caribou and Grizzly Bear Response to Pine Forests Killed by Mountain Pine Beetle

In west-central Alberta, pine forests comprise much of caribou and grizzly bear habitat. This project will determine the response of these threatened species to MPB-related disturbance of these areas.