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About fRI Research

Informing land and resource management since 1992.

Who We Are

fRI Research is a not-for-profit corporation doing world class science to improve land and resource management. Our research is independent and practical—in search of answers to urgent questions about policy and operations. We do this by engaging with a wide range of groups who study, set policy for, and work on the land.

As a neutral boundary organization, fRI Research also serves as a forum and connecting hub between governments, industry partners, academics, NGOs, and communities. We not only create, but also share knowledge and tools.

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We develop understandable scientific knowledge and useful land management tools based on strong peer-reviewed science.

Areas of Expertise

Today, we have programs dealing with caribou, grizzly bears, other wildlife, water and fish, mountain pine beetle, and landscape change. A common theme running through all of our programs are the effects of human disturbances such as roads and industrial development, and the effects of natural disturbances such as climate change, wildfire, and invasive species. Our science is built on a strong foundation of GIS services, and we follow up our studies with dedicated communication services. For an overview of our current work, read our most recent annual report.

While we have always benefited from excellent GIS and communications, the topics that we tackle have evolved to stay focused on our partner’s needs. In the past we have studied history, socio-economics, and many local species from salamanders to birds.

black and white photo of mountains lake hills trees
Our world class research improves land and resource management.

Our Team

We are united by passion for science, curiosity about the natural world, and the desire to bring together a broad partnership to meet the issues on the landscape and leave behind a better world.

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Our Associations

fRI Research is the coordinating organization for several associations. This means that fRI Research assists them with administration functions such as HR and IT, but associations conduct their activities independently, on their own members’ mandates. fRI Research also helps associations to liaise with other stakeholders such as government, academia, and environmental NGOs.

SERG International a partnership in forest pest management research