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Healthy Landscapes Program

The program, formerly known as the Natural Disturbance Program, looks at landscape change at a huge scale: Canada's boreal forest.

In 2012, the fRI Research Natural Disturbance Program changed its name to the Healthy Landscapes Program to reflect an expanded program vision.

The program carries out research, develops models, and does communication and education to support ecosystem-based management.

The EBM Roadmap Workshop

On June 19 and 20, 2018, the Healthy Landscapes Program put on a two-day workshop in Edmonton called "From Concept to Reality: Creating a Road Map for Ecosystem-Based Management".

Landscapes in Motion

The Landscapes in Motion project is here to discover some of the stories behind the landscapes in the southern Rockies of Alberta.

Be Part of the EBM Conversation has launched. Explore the theory and science, and discover how EBM is already being used to manage the western boreal.

Presentations from the Landscapes in Motion Online Workshop: What We Learned

The team members presented their results in a webinar format.

EBM is a Journey

This review of the natural resource management literature breaks down ecosystem-based management into 12 elements and provides practical and measurable steps towards implementing the concept.

Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Modelling of Mixed-Severity Fire Regimes in the SW Foothills of Alberta

Final report from the Landscapes in Motion team on the Healthy Landscapes Program

Fire Regime Dynamics of the Southwestern Alberta Foothills

Final report from the Landscapes in Motion team on the Healthy Landscapes Program

Advances in Visual Applications: Visualizing & Quantifying Landscape Change in SW Alberta Using Mountain Legacy Project Photography

Final report from the Repeat Photography Team on the Healthy Landscapes Program

John Wilmshurst

Research Staff

David Andison

Program Lead

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