landscape at the west end of jasper national park.


Staff List

Dr. Barry White
Executive Director
Christina Oliver
Operations Manager
Risa Croken
HR/Administration Lead
Tracy Hedge
Accounting Technician

Caribou Program

Dr. Laura Finnegan
Program Lead
Dr. Rebecca Viejou
Senior Biologist
Leonie Brown
Courtney Burk
Solène Williams
Research Technician

Communication Services

Ben Williamson
Program Lead
Fran Hanington
Communication Assistant

Environmental Research Program

Gord Stenhouse
Program Lead

GIS Services

Julie Duval
Program Lead
Heather Daw
GIS Analyst

Grizzly Bear Team

Dr. Darío Fernández-Bellon
Program Lead
Cameron McClelland
Senior Biologist
Karen Graham

Healthy Landscapes Program

Dr. David Andison
Program Lead

Mountain Pine Beetle Ecology Program

Dr. Keith McClain
Program Lead

Water and Fish Program

Dr. Benjamin Kissinger
Program Lead
Claire Allore
Sam Chevalier
Biological Technician

Alberta Regional Caribou Knowledge Partnership

Rielle Massey-Leclerc

Foothills Landscape Management Forum

Wayne Thorp
Program Lead
Chantelle Bambrick
Information Researcher

Foothills Stream Crossing Partnership

Ngaio Baril
Program Lead
Suzanne Stevenson
Program Coordinator

Forest Growth Organization of Western Canada

Dr. Robert Froese
Executive Director
Benjamin Panes
Operations Manager


1176 Switzer Drive
Hinton, AB
T7V 1V3



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