Environmental Research Program

This program delivers on various important but limited duration, specific scientific topics.

It identifies data gaps and next steps for land and resource management issues in Alberta that are not being addressed by other fRI Research programs. The program also develops new approaches to research and project delivery.

Guiding Principles
  1. Build upon previous investments in past and current research
    There is a clear desire to build upon existing data sets or research findings which should include fRI Research programs as well as from other research groups.
  2. Establish partnerships
    New projects should, whenever possible, establish new partnerships or expand existing partnerships within the research community and with local groups as appropriate.
  3. Indigenous involvement
    New projects should strive to have strong indigenous involvement at all levels of program development, implementation, completion and information dissemination.
  4. Tools and application focus
    New projects should consider how research results and findings can be “operationalized” in the form of tools and applications for the end users.

Program Lead
Gord Stenhouse
illustration of a grizzly bear in a snowy forest
Non-invasive population monitoring in Bear Management Areas 3 and 4.
American Marten. Photo taken in Yellowstone NP by NPS.
Working with local trappers to monitor martens in Alberta.
Gord Stenhouse
Gord Stenhouse
Environmental Research Program Lead
Dr. Darío Fernández-Bellon
Dr. Darío Fernández-Bellon
Grizzly Bear Monitoring Project Lead