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Grizzly Bear Program

The fRI Research Grizzly Bear Program provides knowledge and planning tools to ensure the long-term conservation of grizzly bears in Alberta.

The Grizzly Bear Program is not starting new research projects at this time. We are continuing to publish papers and maintain our longterm dataset and GIS tools for our academic, government, and industry partners.

Studying Grizzly Bears in Alberta

Over two decades of data, tools, and knowledge.

Grizzly bear response to translocation into a novel environment

Open access paper from the Grizzly Bear Program.

Advances of the Grizzly Bear Program

See how the Grizzly Bear Program pioneered and perfected techniques for studying grizzly bears in this series of six infographics.

Where the Land Can Support More Grizzly Bears

Briefing note on about a recent Grizzly Bear Program paper estimating carrying capacity.

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