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Note: many fRI Research staff are not working exclusively in their offices and may be best reached by email.

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Staff List

Management and Administration

Terri McHugh Interim General Manager 780-740-3338
Jesse Kirillo President 780-723-9832
Risa Croken Finance/Administration Lead 780-817-3781
Cemil Gamas Accountant 780-865-8387


Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network

Terri McHugh
Program Lead


Communication Services

Ben Williamson Program Lead 780-865-8290
Fran Hanington Communication Assistant 780-817-0946


Caribou Program

Dr. Laura Finnegan
Program Lead
Tracy McKay Wildlife Biologist 780-931-5042
Leonie Brown Wildlife Biologist  
Suzanne Stevenson Wildlife Biologist  
Cam McClelland Wildlife Biologist  


Environmental Research Program

Gord Stenhouse Program Lead                    


GIS Program

Julie Duval Program Lead 780-865-8260
Tanya Muswera GIS Analyst  


Grizzly Bear Program

Karen Graham Program Lead 780-865-8389


Healthy Landscapes Program

Dr. David Andison Program Lead 778-388-0985


Mountain Pine Beetle Ecology Program

Dr. Keith McClain Program Lead 780-245-4416


Water and Fish Program

Dr. Barry White Program Lead 780-465-956



Alberta Regional Caribou Knowledge Partnership

Kristy Burke Coordinator 780-999-8604


Foothills Landscape Management Forum (FLMF)

Wayne Thorp Program Lead 780-624-3489
Chantelle Bambrick Information Researcher 780-817-3794


Foothills Stream Crossing Partnership (FSCP)

Ngaio Baril Program Lead 780-315-9819


Forest Growth Organization of Western Canada (FGrOW)

Dr. Brian Roth Director 780-709-1393


Staff photo from June 2016.


The fRI Research main office is located in Hinton, Alberta.


1176 Switzer Drive
Hinton, AB
T7V 1V3






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