PhD Student Opportunity | Ecosystem-based Forest Management

This position is now closed.

The Department of Renewable Resources at U of Alberta, and the Healthy Landscapes Program at fRI Research are looking for a PhD student to undertake a study looking at how nature manages changes to forest cover types through wildfire in the western boreal forest.


The rise in popularity of Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) principles across boreal Canada over the last 25 years has generated an increase in investment and research associated with wildfire dynamics and patterns. Dr. Charles Nock leads the Ecosystem-Based Management Lab at U of A. The Healthy Landscapes Program at fRI Research led by Dr. David Andison has been doing EBM research and outreach for more than 20 years on behalf of a partnership that spans five provinces and territories.

One of the outstanding questions is under what conditions, in what way(s) and to what degree does wildfire trigger changes to (post-fire) stand types. The answer has significant biodiversity, habitat, forest health, and climate change implications. The results from this study will likely help guide future policy and practice.

Although some fieldwork will be involved, there already exist several large and detailed spatial databases and photo libraries from which to work. This project is thus more oriented towards someone interested in learning and applying remote sensing methods and spatial analyses techniques.

This is a unique opportunity to work with a team of academics specializing in EBM, fire behaviour, and climate change on an applied research project of immediate value to both government and industry.

This project is fully funded for four years at a minimum. A competitive salary will be offered, (in addition to any scholarships or other income arranged by the candidate) starting in 2022. Dr. Nock will be the PhD supervisor.

The position has now been filled.

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