Foothills Landscape Management Forum (FLMF)

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Images and stories from the summer 2020 field work for the Traditional Land Use project.
FLMF Quicknote #8: Caribou Patrol
QuickNotes | Summaries and Communications
QuickNote from the Foothills Landscape Management Forum about how the Caribou Patrol Program got started.
Regional Access Management Plan Final Report
Scientific Publications | Reports
Prepared by Silvacom.
fRI Research 2015–2016 Annual Report
Summaries and Communications | Annual Reports
Contains highlights of many of our recent projects.
Geographic Scope of fRI Research
Interactive StoryMaps | GIS Products
An interactive map of where our programs and associations are conducting research.
fRI Research 2014–2015 Annual Report: How Does Research Grow into Practice?
Summaries and Communications | Annual Reports
Annual report summarizing some of the activities of fRI Research programs for the 2014–15 fiscal year.
Caribou Patrol Program - About Us
Videos | Audio-Visual
Video explaining the activities and history of the Caribou Patrol Program
Footnotes: Fall 2014
Summaries and Communications | Newsletters
Fall 2014 issue of the Footnotes newsletter from fRI
Foothills Research Institute 2013–2014 Annual Report: How Does Research Grow into Practice?
Summaries and Communications | Annual Reports
Foothills Research Institute Annual Report for 2013–14 showcasing ways that Foothills Research Institute research has been used to inform practice.
caribou crossing the highway in a snowstorm
Celebrating the 10th season of a unique, Indigenous-led stewardship program.
North American Caribou Workshop 2014: What We've Heard
The North American Caribou Workshop 2014 is happening in Whitehorse YK
Project in Finland that sees reindeer antlers painted to improve nighttime visibility
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Chantelle Bambrick
Integrated Land Management Technician
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Wayne Thorp
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