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Socio-Economics Program

Occasionally a stand-alone program, and occasionally a component of other programs.

The Social Sciences Program began with the development of individual projects in 1993 and grew into a program in 1997. In 2009 the program ceased to be active. The Socio-Economics Program was re-established in April 2013 and, as of late 2015, is inactive. Formerly, the program was called the Social Science Program, with projects that explored the way people 'fit' in the forest.

    fRI Research 2014–2015 Annual Report

    Annual report summarizing some of the activities of fRI Research programs for the 2014–15 fiscal year.

    Footnotes: Spring 2015

    Spring 2015 newsletter from fRI

    Foothills Research Institute 2013–2014 Annual Report

    Foothills Research Institute Annual Report for 2013–14 showcasing ways that Foothills Research Institute research has been used to inform practice.

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