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A 50-Year History of Silviculture on the Hinton Forest

This project charts the history of adaptive forest management in the Hinton area since the 1950s.

This report examines the development and continuing refinement a pioneering reforestation program on an historic Alberta industrial forest in its first 50 years of operation. This report is primarily developed for the use of forestry practitioners and will provide insight into the science, philosophy and practice of silviculture as it has emerged under an adaptive forest management framework on this historic forest.

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  • Dec. 14, 2012
  • book

50-year history of silviculture on the Hinton forest

An e-book from the FRI Forest History Program about forest management in the Hinton area.

Adaptive Forest Management/History Program -AGM 2009

Presentation given at the 2009 Foothills Research Institute AGM on the projects of the Adaptive Forest Management/History Program.

Peter Murphy


Bob Udell

Program Lead

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