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Assessing Pathogen Prevalence and the Health of Ungulates in West-central Alberta Caribou Ranges

This project will gather data on the disease and parasites carried by moose, deer, and elk to determine the risk of transmission to caribou.

Land managers need to know the threats faced by caribou in order to conserve declining populations. Landscape disturbance is creating greater overlap between caribou ranges and other ungulates such as moose, deer, and elk. This could potentially increase the risks of transmitting diseases and parasites to caribou, reducing survival and reproduction.

To help collect ungluate samples, the Caribou Program is providing sample kits to hunters in west-central Alberta. These samples will be tested for pathogens to determine their presence, abundance, and location to identify potential sources of disease outbreaks in caribou.

  • Fall 2016

    Project Begins

    Progress update:Sample kits distributed for hunting season

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