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Beyond Beetle: Natural and facilitated lodgepole pine regeneration after mountain pine beetle outbreaks in Alberta

What will happen to stands after mountain pine beetle infestations?

Alberta is facing a future in which large tracks of lodgepole pine forest have died as a result of attack by Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB). Not all stands attacked by MPB will be salvage harvested; thus we need to understand whether and which tree species will regenerate in untreated post-attack stands and how this varies with ecosite and level of MPB mortality.

This research will provide critical information on the potential for natural regeneration in lodgepole pine forests that have been attacked by MPB, in turn informing a science-based approach to their future management.

  • April 1 2014

    Project Begins

    Progress update: The project kicks off with support from Alberta Innovates, FRIAA and ESRD.

  • November 12 2014

    First Field Reconnaissance Complete

    Progress update: Field reconnaissance surveys to locate stands carried out.

  • June 30 2015

    Second Field Season Underway

    Progress update: Completed experimental harvesting, with ongoing fire hazard and assessment work.

  • September 30 2015

    Second Field Season Complete

    Progress update: 25 new plots established. All plots assessed; data being compiled.

  • April 22 2015


    Progress update: Dr. Ellen MacDonald presents preliminary results from the project.

Beyond Beetle: Facilitated Lodgepole Pine Regeneration after MPB Attack

2-page briefing note from the Mountain Pine Beetle Ecology Program

Beyond Beetle: Natural regeneration after MPB attack in lodgepole pine forests of west-central Alberta

2-page briefing note of a project of the Mountain Pine Beetle Ecology Program.

Beyond Beetle | QuickNote #1

2-page briefing note from the Mountain Pine Beetle Ecology Program.

Beyond beetle: lodgepole pine regeneration after MPB outbreaks in Alberta

Ellen Macdonald is Professor of Forest Ecology with the University of Alberta's Department of Renewable Resources.

Keith McClain

Program Lead

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