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Cold tolerance of mountain pine beetle: Impact on population dynamics and spread in Canada

This study examines how instar mortality varies with the severity and duration of cold exposure.

Winter survival is a major predictor of epidemics. This data will improve forecasts of MPB population trends and sites at risk of infestation.

  • April 1 2013

    Project Begins

    Progress update: Project kicks off.

  • September 10 2013

    First Field Season Complete

    Progress update: Very successful data collection.

  • November 19 2013

    Lab Work Begins

    Progress update: Analyzing over 2500 lbs of disks taken for the first cold hardiness study.

  • November 12 2014

    2014 Field Season Complete

    Progress update: All 2014 field work and lab experiments are progressing well.

  • April 22 2015


    Progress update: Dr. Bleiker presented aspects of the project at the Information Forum.

  • September 2015

    2015 Field Season Complete

    Progress update: Field work completed for the year; lab work and data analysis begins.

Keith McClain

Program Lead

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