Community Resilience to Mountain Pine Beetle and Other Forms of Disturbance and Change

This project engages with rural communities and First Nations to actively support resilience to a broad array of current and future threats and disturbance. The work is connected to and extends a recently completed resilience assessment and social network analysis based in the Hinton, Jasper, and Grande Cache area, “Assessing Community Resilience to Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks in Alberta: Practical Strategies for Rural Community Sustainability in a Context of Change“.

Phase 1 of this project will explore and determine the interest and priorities of communities and First Nations for engaging with the resilience extension. A second goal of Phase 1 is to explore and outline potential policy and evaluation components of the project linked to gaps identified in the case study assessment above, and an fRI Research call for expressions of interest for the evaluation of MPB research impacts on operational decisions and policy development.

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This 2-page briefing note introduces a project that will assist First Nations and rural communities and with developing approaches, road […]
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Dr. Rob Friberg