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Determining the importance of grizzly bear predation on southern mountain caribou populations

This project will look at the impact of grizzly bears on caribou populations.

This project will look at the impact of grizzly bears on caribou populations in west-central Alberta, and to also develop new techniques to measure and monitor bear predation levels on caribou populations.

Results will help land and resource managers understand and better mitigate impacts that forestry activities are having on grizzly bear and caribou habitat, and any mortality risk that brings.

  • Spring 2014

    Project Begins

    Progress update: Field crew begin colllaring grizzly bears May and June

  • Summer 2014

    Tracking Collared Bears

    Progress update: Field crew investigates GPS clusters to look for signs of predation

  • Spring 2015

    2nd Collaring Campaign

    Progress update: Another wave of bears are collared, bringing the total to 14

  • Summer 2015

    More Clusters Visited

    Progress update: Field crews visted more GPS clusters, bringing the total total to 448

  • February 2015

    Publication of Results-to-Date

    Progress update: An update on the first year's data is released

  • Fall 2015

    Report in Preparation

    Progress update: Analysis underway to prepare the publication of the full results

  • March 2016

    Final Report Published

    Progress update: Project completed with the release of the project's findings

Laura Finnegan

Program Lead

Terry Larsen

Research Staff

Karen Graham

Research Staff

Gord Stenhouse

Program Lead

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