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Development of Fine Spatial Resolution Tree Species Information for MPB-impacted Ecosystems for Species-at-Risk Habitat Assessment

Species-at-risk, like caribou, are affected by changes in forest condition that result from increased pine mortality caused by MPB. Accurate maps of forest composition are needed to quantify and understand the impact; this project will integrate numerous sources of data in a novel way to model key tree species distribution and stand structure across western Canada. These maps will be widely available for use in land management and policy development, particularly in relation to MPB.


  1. To develop high spatial resolution 30m contemporary, accurate species predictions, for key overstory tree species found in MPB-impacted forested ecosystems (across AB, YK and BC), including individual species of pine, spruce, and deciduous.
  2. From these wall-to-wall species layers, to examine the availability and structural composition of the stands within caribou population ranges in Alberta.
  3. To provide the resulting species layers free and open-access to managers and researchers across Canada at a spatial scale previously unavailable for caribou and MPB-management.
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This 2-page briefing note introduces a project that will generate species prediction layers for pine, spruce, and deciduous trees in […]
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Dr. Laura Finnegan
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