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Dynamic Regeneration of Grizzly Bear Food Model

This is a GIS tool developed by the fRI Research Grizzly Bear Program that regenerates the spatial grizzly bear food models developed by Dr. Scott Nielsen.

The value of a spatial habitat model to landscape planners lies in its ability to predict the spatial distribution of some habitat attribute—in this case, grizzly bear food—in areas where actual empirical data is lacking. The ability to quickly generate multiple habitat forecasts for different change scenarios allows planners to anticipate the outcomes of planned activities and compare the costs and benefits of various options.

No current milestones for this project

Dynamic Regeneration of Grizzly Bear Food Model

GIS tool to dynamically regenerate spatial habitat data developed by Dr. Scott Nielsen.

Dynamic wildlife habitat models

Article in Biological Conservation on predictors of occupancy-abundance and habitat selection in grizzly bears. Citation and abstract only.

Gord Stenhouse

Program Lead

Julie Duval

Program Lead

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