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The EBM Roadmap Workshop

On June 19 and 20, 2018, the Healthy Landscapes Program put on a two-day workshop in Edmonton called "From Concept to Reality: Creating a Road Map for Ecosystem-Based Management".

The workshop focused on identifying possible next steps in the evolution of ecosystem-based management in Alberta. It included a mixture of presentations, case studies, small group conversations, and facilitated activities. Participants contributed directly to a roadmap to guide actionable next steps in the evolution of ecosystem-based management in Alberta.

This project builds on the success of Understanding EBM through Dialogue.

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    • June 19 & 20, 2018

      The EBM Roadmap Workshop

      Progress update: Two day workshop held in Edmonton

    • March 2019

      Final Report Delivered

      Progress update: Summary report released and an overview presented in a webinar

    Creating a Roadmap for EBM in Alberta and Beyond

    Summary report about the 2018 EBM workshops from the Healthy Landscapes Program

    Discussions during the workshop.

    Photo Gallery | 2018 EBM Workshop

    Pictures of the workshop "From Concept to Reality: Creating a Roadmap for Ecosystem-Based Management in Alberta" in Edmonton in June 2018, hosted by the Healthy Landscapes Program.

    The EBM Workshop Procedings

    Links to presentations, photos, and other information pertaining to the June 2018 EBM workshop in Edmonton.

    Presentations from Webinar Wednesdays

    Slides and links to video of the Healthy Landscapes Program webinar series.

    Creating a Road Map for Ecosystem Based Management

    Healthy Landscapes Program workshop in Edmonton, June 19-20, 2018.

    David Andison

    Program Lead

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