whtiebark pine cones. photo credit jodie krakowski

Gene Conservation to Mitigate Impacts of Mountain Pine Beetle on Endangered Whitebark Pine at its Northern Limit in Alberta

Whitebark pine is listed as a species-at-risk federally, and this ecosystem is threatened, in part by the ongoing MPB outbreak. This project will assess phenological differences whitebark pine in northern Alberta and collect genetic resources from northern-adapted whitebark pine. The results of this project will provide genetic resources for research and data to assist with the recovery of this species.


  1. To replenish provincial genetic resources of endangered whitebark pine populations at the northern limit of Alberta’s populations
  2. To determine whether cone production timing and magnitude in accessible stands in other regions is similar to stands in Willmore, therefore whether they provide a lower-cost reliable indicator
  3. To evaluate variation in seed viability within and among stands in Willmore to guide future collections
  4. To support the capacity of Alberta’s restoration and research related to resiliency of whitebark pine populations post-MPB attack and in the face of climate change impacts on high-elevation endangered species
whitebark pine seeds on a lab bench. photo credit jodie krakowski
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This briefing note introduces a project that will gather whitebark pine seeds and determine optimal collection times for future efforts. […]
Jodie Krakowski