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Healthy Landscapes Short Course

This is a C & E activity from the Healthy Landscapes program to improve understanding of natural disturbance patterns.

Interest in using natural disturbance patterns to help guide forest and land management decision-making is growing rapidly. To meet this need, we have developed a curriculum that will provide a common foundation for understanding the conceptual underpinnings of a healthy landscapes approach.

The course will be offered online for free through the Woodlands Operations Learning Foundation (WOLF). There will also be a classroom-friendly package of materials for live instruction.

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  • 2010

    Curriculum Developed

    Progress update: A curriculum for the short course is developed with a focus group.

  • 2014

    Partnership with WOLF

    Progress update: Woodlands Operations Learning Foundation chosen to provide the course.

  • July 20, 2015

    Course Outline Developed

    Progress update: Course outline is completed during a workshop with WOLF

  • December 2015

    Course Reviewed

    Progress update: Course materials reviewed with WOLF during a workshop.

  • September 2016

    Course Finalized

    Progress update: The script is reviewed and approved

  • November 2016

    Beta Version Released

    Progress update: All elements of the course designed and published. Testing underway.

Course outline and background - ND Approaches Planning

Outline and background for ND short course for decision-makers and regulators to create, discuss, debate, resolve issues related to natural patterns.

Natural disturbance short course agenda 2007

Agenda for three day short course on natural disturbance approaches to forest land management planning.

Natural disturbance short course manual 2007

Background, course goal, introduction and learning outcomes for the short course on natural disturbance emulation.

Natural disturbance approach to forest land management

Poster announcing upcoming short course on natural disturbance approaches to forest land management planning.

David Andison

Program Lead

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