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Monitoring and decision support for regeneration management in a mountain pine beetle environment

How can forest companies best help stands bounce back from a MPB infestation?

This is a Foothills Growth and Yield Association project. This monitoring program will provide knowledge on the dynamics and impacts of infestation, and improving post-impact forest management decisions. Over time, the data will improve decision-making after an attack, reducing costs, risks and losses.

  • April 1 2008

    Project Begins

    Progress update: The project kicks off, led by Dick Dempster

  • November 2012

    DST Presented at Workshop

    Progress update: The value and accuracy of the Decision Support Tool is presented

  • March 14 2013

    Enhanced DST Available Online

    Progress update: An enhanced version is on the FORCORP Solutions server

  • March 31 2014

    Project Ends

    Progress update: Project concluded successfully

  • Mar. 26, 2013
  • Blog

Enhanced MPB DST web application is now live

The enhanced version of the Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) Decision Support Tool (DST) web application is now live. A review of the of the first version of the DST lead to recommendations for specific improvements which are embodied in this version of the DST.

Enhanced MPB Decision Support Tool

Web application for modelling mountain pine beetle scenarios.

Enhanced MPB DST Web Application Development

Detailed report about the development of the Mountain Pine Beetle decision support tool.

MPB Ecology Program QuickNote #7: Regeneration Management in an MPB Environment--Rates of Infestation and Tree Mortality

Note summarizing data on rates of infestation and tree mortality collected from 2008 to 2011 from 240 permanent sample plots (PSPs).

MPB Ecology Program QuickNote #4: Regeneration Management in an MPB Environment--Project Update

Note on development of tools for assessing treatment options and their growth and yield implications in MPB attacked lodgepole pine stands.

Keith McClain

Program Lead

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