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Mountain pine beetle population dynamics in new habitats and climates: The potential for eastern and northern spread in Canada

Warmer weather is driving MPB range expansion, but how well will the beetle take hold in novel habitats?

This project will quantify the relationship between tree temperature and mountain pine beetle survival. It will provide the biological knowledge and an effective decision-making tool that can be used to develop effective management practices and strategies to slow the spread of MPB in Canada.

Determining MPB's ability to survive and spread will assist Alberta forest management.

  • April 1 2010

    Project Begins

    Progress update: The project kicks off, led by Kathy Bleiker

  • September 13 2012

    2012 Field Season Complete

    Progress update: All measurements and samples completed at 13 sites

  • November 21 2012

    Analysis Underway

    Progress update: Insect samples and temperature files are being processed

  • February 2013

    Data Processing Complete

    Progress update: Temperature files collated and insect samples processed

  • Summer 2013

    Analysis Complete

    Progress update: Development data analysis completed, report accepted

  • December 31 2013

    Project Completed

    Progress update: The 3 year project finishes on schedule

Keith McClain

Program Lead

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