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Natural Wildfire Patterns

How and why individual forest fires burn what they do in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

This project is investigating how & why individual forest fires burn what they do in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Survival patterns within wildfires create critical fine-scale diversity that many species rely on.

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Vegetation mortality within natural wildfire events in the western Canadian boreal forest: What burns and why?

Peer-reviewed publication from the fRI Research Healthy Landscapes Program

Grid-Based Natural Wildfire Patterns

The objective of this study is to quantify the historical wildfire activity levels at multiple time and space scales using a grid-based system across a western boreal landscape.

Wildfire patterns in western Boreal Canada

Research report from Healthy Landscapes about wildfire patterns in the boreal forest.

Influence of fire boundaries on understanding patterns

Abstract from peer reviewed paper from Canadian Journal of Forest Research, from the Healthy Landscapes Program.

Healthy Landscapes Program QuickNote #47: Boreal Wildfires and Landscape Diversity

Note on recent extension of natural wildfire sampling to include 77 additional fires, the results of which confirm observations from previous sampling

David Andison

Program Lead

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