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NEPTUNE Spatial Decision Support Tool

Created by the Healthy Landscapes Program, this is a tool for comparing human and natural disturbance.

NEPTUNE (Novel Emulation Pattern Tool for Understanding Natural Events) is the first tool in Canada that allows the user to evaluate just how "natural" past or proposed disturbance activities are with the click of a button.

NEPTUNE provides objective evaluation of individual or cumulative disturbance activities in western boreal Canada against historic wildfires. With NEPTUNE, the user can evaluate how close and in what ways human disturbance activities vary from, or match, historic events.

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NEPTUNE: Natural Pattern Decision Support Tool Poster

Poster providing information about the natural pattern decision support tool NEPTUNE, how it works, what it does, who's using it, etc.

NEPTUNE web tool

Novel Emulation Pattern Tool for Understanding Natural Events

NEPTUNE: Natural Pattern Emulation DSS planning tool

Presentation at the 2009 NDP Information Session on NEPTUNE processing, interface, spatial processing, and metrics analysis.


Brochure promoting NEPTUNE, "Novel Emulation Pattern Tool for Understanding Natural Events", how it can help and be accessed, and how to learn more.

NEPTUNE training session Part 2: Wildfire patterns

Presentation on natural patterns of wildfires, natural versus cultural disturbance patterns and the origins of the decision support tool NEPTUNE.

David Andison

Program Lead

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