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Northern Rockies Highway Guide and Ecotour

Explore hundreds of historic points in Jasper National Park and the foothills.

The Forest History Program has produced the a book, eBook and a mobile application for the iPad and iPhone, complementing the print publication.

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Northern Rockies Ecotour App Now Available

The Northern Rockies Ecotour App is a free iPhone/ iPad based travellers’ guide to the Northern Rockies region of Alberta, presenting the region’s rich First Nations history, exploits of early fur-traders, artists, missionaries, tourists and scientists and the ongoing interplay of people, wildlife and their inspiring mountain and foothills ecosystem. The authors draw on current research to discuss key environmental issues such as climate change and biodiversity conservation.

The Ecotour app - The Hinton Voice

There was a great article in the December 13 issue of The Hinton Voice on the development of an app for the Northern Rockies Highway Guide.  Read the article here.  

Ecotour Field Tour May 10, 2013 - Part 1

Photos from a field tour prior to the release of the Ecotour App

Ecotour Field Tour May 10, 2013 - Part 2

More photos from the May 10, 2013 tour of Eco-points!

Ecotour Field Tour May 10, 2013 - Part 3

A few more photos from the May 10, 2013 field tour of ecopoints from the Northern Rockies Ecotour.

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