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Southern Rockies Hydrological Modelling

This project focuses on calibrating a hydrological model, called Raven, for forest planning.

This project uses a flexible modelling platform called the Raven hydrological model. It assesses streamflow response to timber harvest. The goal is to callibrate Raven for the Southern Rockes using 50 years of weather data.

Once calibrated, Raven will be used in climate change projects and forest planning initiatives by quantifying the relationship between forest harvesting and indicators like peak flow and timing. This model will allow policy makers, land developers, industry, and government to quickly assess the probability that a forest harvest plan (or other disturbance) will impact watersheds.

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  • April 1 2011

    Project Begins

    Progress update: Partnerships include SRD, the U of A, and the Canadian Forest Service

  • May 2012

    First Model Ready

    Progress update: Calibration of a "user friendly" model is complete.

  • September 2012

    Second Model Ready

    Progress update: The first of two climate change models is calibrated.

  • December 2012


    Progress update: The team attends the American Geophysical Union Fall 2012 Meeting

Presentations from the October 26, 2017 Mountain Pine Beetle Workshop

Video of four of the presentations from the 2017 MPB Breaking News Workshop, "Impacts of Beetles on Hydrology & Forest Management".

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