Wildlife Response to Forest Stands Impacted by Mountain Pine Beetle in western Canada

Balancing MPB control with maintaining wildlife habitat.

Both the spread of mountain pine beetle and actions taken to slow its spread have wide ranging effects on wildlife, including species at risk such as caribou. The goals of this project is to provide land managers in government and industry with knowledge and tools to evaluate the consequences of MPB infestation and control actions.

Results, including an interactive planning tool, will support proactive planning and policy for areaswhere MPB do not yet occur, allowing land mangers to mitigate the potential impact of MPB on ecological and economic values.

April 2022
Project Begins

Funding from the federal-provincial MPB partnership awarded

April 2023
UBC Partnership

Dr. Laura Griffin with the Wildlife Coexistence Lab at UBC begins analysis

aerial photo of the foothills with mostly green conifers, but some red-attack trees sprinkled in
QuickNotes | Summaries and Communications
Introductory QuickNote for a Caribou Program project funded by the federal-provincial MPB partnership.
young caribou
Two post-doctoral researchers at UBC and UNBC are partnering with the Caribou Program.
Dr. Laura Finnegan
Dr. Laura Finnegan
Program Lead
dr. laura griffin
Dr. Laura Griffin
Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr. Cole Burton