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Woodland caribou calving areas and calf survival in relation to habitat selection, anthropogenic disturbance, and exposure to predation risk

This project will identify caribou calving habitat and relate calf survival to predation risk and anthropogenic disturbance.
This project addresses important knowledge gaps identified by PTAC: boreal woodland caribou calving habitat selection and wildlife (including predator) use of anthropogenic features associated with oil and gas developments.
Our results will provide a greater understanding of how different landscape features such as seismic lines and wellsites influence both predators and caribou. In addition, we will produce spatial data products that can be used to identify caribou calving habitat with the highest likelihood of calf survival.
Ultimately this project will help minimize industrial impacts to caribou populations in an efficient and cost-effective manner by prioritizing restoration areas and identifying areas of high conservation value.

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Laura Finnegan

Program Lead

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