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Bird Conservation Workshop Presentation: Turning Research Into an Operational Forest Planning Model

In the fall of 2015, our partners began expressing interest in new bird conservation research.On December 8, 2016, a bird conservation workshop was held at the University of Alberta, featuring presentations by a wide range of experts and a "knowledge cafe" style discussion.

The goal was to assess the current state of knowledge and identify related research questions.

This talk, titled Turning Research Into an Operational Forest Planning Model, was jointly presented by Seena Handel and Fauve Blanchard from the Government of Alberta. In part 1, Handel distilled the 2.5-year process of strategic forest management into three slides. Next, Blanchard went over the songbird model as a case study for how research can contribute to management. In Part 3, Handel drew lessons from that case study to give advice to researchers who want their findings to have impact. Finally, Blanchard and Handel identified knowledge gaps that they see as critical.

Playlist for all presentations.


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