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Burning Issues in Alberta's Forests: Workshop and Field Tour Proceedings

On July 10 & 11, 2013, researchers from the Healthy Landscapes Program's fire history research team gathered together in Hinton to present details of their ongoing research, and to conduct a field tour of significant sites. We have captured the information in short videos, full-length videos (to come), photos and documents.

Fire history research update - an overview of the project to date, its accomplishments and its aims.

Enjoy the gallery of field tour photos here.

Field Tour Clips (video):

  • Stop 1: Vanessa Stretch explains how a gravity core works for sampling sediment watch
  • Stop 1: Lake sediment core sampling watch
  • Stop 2: Raphael Chavardes and sampling in a mixed severity fire site watch
  • Stop 3: Graham Clark takes a dip during the final sample site of the tour watch
  • Stop 3: Peter Murphy & the historic nature of the final field tour site watch

Interviews (audio):

As well, find out more about the grad student researchers here:

  1. Emma Davis - Research update
  2. Raphael Chavardes - Research update
  3. Colin Mustaphi - Research update
  4. Helene Marcoux - Research update
  5. Theresa Dinh - Research update

Presentation Videos:

  1. Dr. Michael Pisaric - Where do you look for evidence of fires from thousands of years ago?  View part 1  View part 2
  2. Dr. Lori Daniels - Reconstructing fire frequency and severity using tree rings  View video
  3. Dr. Ze'ev Gedalof - Fire is not a four letter word.  View video
  4. Theresa Dinh, Raphael Chavardes & Lori Daniels - Wildfire dynamics and historical fire regimes in Jasper National Park   View video



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