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fRI Business Strategy: 2012-2017

The fRI Business Strategy for 2012-2017 is intended to guide decision-making within the organization for the five year period ending in 2017.  There are 9 goals in this cycle's business strategy:

  1. Partnerships: Nurture and expand fRI partnerships.
  2. Geographic scope: Expand the fRI geographic scope to encompass partner interests as appropriate for each program.
  3. Business portfolio: Review and expand the fRI business portfolio scope and integration based on partner priorities.
  4. Science excellence: Ensure research is non-partisan and meets high standards for quality, relevance, and recognition.
  5. Knowledge transfer: Facilitate the adoption of fRI knowledge, tools, and technology into land and resource management practice.
  6. Partner outreach and support: Contribute to the success of fRI partners.
  7. Land and resource management: Contribute to improved land and resource management in Alberta and beyond.
  8. Reporting: Report to fRI partners and audiences on achievements and progress.
  9. Resources: Expand fRI resources and investment.


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