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Grizzly Bear Predation Part 1: what affects predation opportunities?

In this project, completed in 2019 but drawing on over a decade of grizzly bear GPS data, thousands of field site visits, as well as datasets from our colleagues and partners, we have pieced together a comprehensive story of grizzly bear pre-dation in Alberta.

In part 1, we summarize the link between landscape variables, forestry, and caribou ranges on key prey species for grizzly bears: moose and elk. We also summarize the link between prey abundance and grizzly bear locations. Taken together, this lets us connect the dots between the landscape and predation opportunities for grizzly bears.

In part 2, we head into the field to see what grizzly bears are actually doing, and connect their predation behaviour to their health.

Taken all together, we can now draw a line from landscape variables such as forestry through ungulate abundance, grizzly bear predation behaviour, all the way to grizzly bear health.

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