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Harlequin Duck Program Report #6: The Harlequin Duck in Alberta's Northern Rocky Mountains and Foothills: a review of breeding ecology and conservation outlook

The purpose of this report is to provide government agencies, industry and the public a description and preliminary analysis of Harlequin Duck distribution and abundance with respect to habitat and land use characteristics in the Foothills Model Forest Harlequin Duck project area.

Provision of a regional context for Harlequin Duck distribution and abundance will assist in identifying future management issues and planning approaches.

Harlequin Duck Program Reports

Report 1: 1998 CWS Surveys
Report 2: Harlequin Duck Use of the McLeod Watershed
Report 3: 1999 CWS Surveys
Report 4: Cheviot Harlequin Duck Study 1999 Summary
Report 5: Compendium of McLeod Publications
Report 6: Conservation Outlook


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