August Field Update 5: Caribou Program Interns

michaela at a mpb plot

This month two interns – Jazmine and Michaela – joined the Caribou Program’s Kakwa field crew for a few weeks. Here are their reflections on the time they spent working with the Caribou Program. Click on one of the photos below to launch the slide show.

This was our first time working with the Caribou Program at fRI and it was an amazing experience. We had the opportunity to learn new skills like using a GPS and identifying different species of plants. The experience we gained working here is excellent and hopefully will help us with our future careers. There were also fun adventures after work including berry picking where we filled all the containers and bags we had with delicious blueberries. Aimee then made us all an amazing blueberry pie that was gone in a day! We also ate raspberries and huckleberries when we could find them.

Our awesome crews shared their love of plants and made us appreciate them in a new light. We will never look at the forest and just see trees again, there is so much more!

This experience definitely inspired us to pursue this career in the future and hopefully we will be able to come back sometime. Everyone has been really awesome helping us understand the protocols and sharing their little tricks that help them remember everything.

It’s been a great two weeks with the fRI Caribou Program and we are excited to find out what our next two weeks helping the fRI Grizzly Bear Program will bring.

Jazmine and Michaela