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Analysis and improvement of linear features to increase caribou functional habitat in west-central and north-western Alberta

This project uses direct and indirect methods to determine how caribou respond to linear features at different stages of re-vegetation.

Results from this research will help us understand how direct disturbance, habitat regeneration and recreational human use of linear features (pipelines and roads) affect caribou health and habitat use.

By combining this with other ongoing  projects (Determining Response to Seismic Lines and Cutblocks) and expanding our research into the mixedwood natural subregion, we will be able to determine functional caribou habitat within the range of southern mountain and boreal caribou.

No current milestones for this project

Video: A Year in the Life of a Trail Camera

TrailCam 37 was mounted to a tree on a seismic line in west-central Alberta. Here's what it saw for 1 year.

Critical calving habitat among mtn caribou

Presentation abstract and slides from presentation made at The Wildlife Society conference in 2015

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