Caribou, Fire, and Forestry | Webinar

The Alberta Regional Caribou Knowledge Partnership (ARCKP) is pleased to present a 2021–22 Fall/Winter webinar series. Presentations will include findings and updates from ARCKP-funded projects and other topics relevant to forestry and woodland caribou conservation in Alberta.

Presenter: Dr. Laura Finnegan, Program Lead, fRI Research Caribou Program

The fRI Research Caribou Program is conducting a multi-faceted project funded by the Alberta Regional Caribou Knowledge Partnership – A study to advance harvest systems and silviculture practices for improved woodland caribou and fibre outcomes. The project commenced in 2020 and will be complete in November 2023. To begin the project, the research team conducted a thorough review of available literature, summarizing research that describes differences in responses of caribou and caribou forage to forestry and wildfire. The review, titled Caribou, Fire, and Forestry was published in the fall of 2021. During this webinar, Laura will provide an overview of the key research cited in the literature review and discuss how the ARCKP study, and other current research, compliment or expand upon this current body of knowledge.