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Advancing Harvest System and Silvicultural Practices for Improved Woodland Caribou and Fibre Outcomes

This 3-year study will evaluate the potential of new forest management practices to benefit both woodland caribou and growth and yield.

Over the course of the project, we will explore stand characteristics of areas woodland caribou use, the likelihood of harvested areas becoming woodland caribou habitat, and how this potentially differs from burned stands.

We will also identify gaps and opportunities in Alberta’s forest policies for regional silviculture treatments with the potential to improve the trajectory of harvested stands to become caribou habitat while still meeting desired fibre volume objectives.

  • December 2020

    Project Begins

    Progress update: Researchers begin a literature review and planning fieldwork

Leonie Brown

Research Staff

Dan Wismer

Core Staff

Cameron McClelland

Research Staff

Laura Finnegan

Program Lead

Tracy McKay

Research Staff

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